About Us

History & Purpose

About us

Before opening Mango, my wife and I noticed we were being bombarded with fast food and junk food options for ourselves and our children. 

We quickly realized the damage  these foods and products were doing to our families health. Filled with refined sugars, bad carbs, and a variety of other harmful ingredients these foods provided limited to zero  nutritional value. 

That’s when we knew that our community and children deserved food with vitamins, protein, minerals, and good carbs! Out of that, Mango was created! 

We serve 100% natural and fresh products; We peel fruits every day to make our smoothies, and we wash / disinfect veggies on a daily basis to make in our food! 

Fresh & Clean


Our philosophy is to feed our community with fresh & clean foods, rich in nutrients, and vitamins. We aim to help people achieve a healthier balanced diet, healthy organs, peaceful hearts, and stronger bodies! 

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Health & Strength


At Mango, our mission is to provide our customers with fresh food and drinks that are made at the moment they’re ordered, are filled with ingredients supporting energy & strength, and fuel our customers to go out and achieve their daily goals!